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So you’ve decided to start working out and need to know the difference between slam balls and medicine balls. It’s always smart to figure out what kind of exercise equipment you need and how to best use it before you hurt yourself, so read on for the key differences in these two balls and how to best integrate them into your workout to really push yourself.

What are they?

Slam balls are workout balls that don’t bounce and are usually around the size of a basketball. They have a tough exterior that’s made of a hard rubber and are filled with air and sand. Medicine balls, on the other hand, can be either non-bouncing or bouncing. They have rubber, nylon, or leather on the outside and are filled with sand or air. Some are soft and can be squished, while others are harder. These vary in size from about a baseball up to a basketball, and may even have handles to help the user get and keep a firm grip.

Are they weighted?

Both balls are weighted. Slam balls range from 10 to 50 pounds in 5 pound increments, but there are some companies that make much bigger ones (I’m talking 150 pounds!). Medicine balls are available in a lot of different weights, also. They usually start around 1 pound and increase by 1 or 2 pounds up to 25. After that they will go to 50 pounds in 5 pound increments.

What do you do with them?

Both are used to exercise and can be used in strength exercises or in plyometric exercises. Slam balls are usually used to throw down or against a wall due to the fact that they won’t bounce. Medicine balls are more often used for strength training and can be held during squats and lunges or in plyometric exercises such as throwing the ball to a partner at the gym.

Both slamballs and medicine balls are really useful to integrate into your workout, but it’s important to make sure that whatever surface you’re throwing them against can withstand the pressure and the impact. Make sure to pick a weight that is heavy but not so difficult to move that you sacrifice form when working out. Slam balls are tougher and harder to destroy than medicine balls and are usually cheaper.

For safety, start out with medicine balls to make sure that you understand the correct motion of your exercises and won’t get hurt if you make a mistake. But as you work out more and more definitely try a slam ball. You won’t regret it.

More than 60% of the total American population and over 40% of the total European population suffers from obesity or overweight, making this the number one problem of the 21st century. However, more and more people are reconsidering their sedentary lifestyles and turn away from fast foods in order to live healthier lives.

But watching over your diet is only half of the process of not only losing weight but also becoming the best version of yourself. The other half comes by combined efforts of beauty products and workout routines.

And what better way to stay active and improve your body’s condition if not through a nice and shaping session using kettle bells? Kettle bells resemble a mini bowling ball with a handle and represent one of the revolutionary and most popular weights to use at the gym.

Kettle bells are perfect for cardio exercises, strengthening and adding flexibility to your body through intense and efficient workout routines.

How to pick up the perfect kettlebells?

Don’t get too comfortable because kettlebells, although looking nice and playful, are really hard to lift by those untrained. Small and cute, kettle bells are truly hefty. Women usually choose between the 8kg and 16kg kettle bells, while men double the weight, managing to workout with kettle bells weighting up to 32 kg. However, the best weights vary depending on the intensity and the complexity of the exercises you perform.

Kettle bells for full body workout

The best thing about kettle bells, like these from Vulcan Strength, is that they can help you improve your overall body physique, working all groups of muscles, depending on the exercises you choose. Thus, this represents a revolutionary form to your gym routine because you can forget about all types of machines and weights working only a few groups of muscles.

The kettle bell swing

If you are new to this method, swinging is the perfect type of exercise for beginners, working the shoulders, back, hips and the legs. Stand on your feet with the same distance between your legs and your shoulders, carrying the kettle ball with both your hands. Bend your hips back and swing the kettle bell backwards, between your legs. Pause for a second and then swing it back up to your eye level fast. Repeat the exercise in two series, 10 times each.

Kettle bell squats

Another exercise perfect for beginners, this will work out almost all your body muscles, including your waist and abs line. Stand in the similar position as the previous exercise and lift the kettle bell up to your eye level so that you can see through the handle, while keeping your back in a straight position. Then, squat down to the floor as low as you can, without curving your back. Repeat the exercise 15 times in two series.

If you manage to do this without bending or curving your back, you will start noticing results after one week of training.

Remember that the key to each successful workout routine is to not get intimidated by sore muscles while also allowing time to heal. For a start, you can introduce kettle bell routines two times a week until your body accommodates, and then you can raise the frequency up to four times a week.